Regional Coordinator News

April 28-30, 2017 we held our first Regional Coordinators Meeting in Toronto. It was great to see representatives from across the country gather together to discuss how to better support our growing membership. We discussed how we can better: communicate news; support newly diagnosed; use technology; create awareness among medical community and many more important topics.


We’re very pleased to announce that Shauna Vander Well has agreed to act as the Canadian PBC Society Regional Coordinator for all of Alberta. Shauna has been the coordinator for Alberta North for longer than many of us have been involved! She has done an excellent job, providing personal support to PBC patients in the northern part of the province and keeping patients and their families connected through many different educational and information-sharing programs. She has also built many important relationships with the clinical community, including with Dr. Andy Mason.


Many PBC patients in what we have historically called “Alberta South” have travelled to the Edmonton area to attend some of the patient meetings and workshops that Shauna has organized. By expanding her role, Shauna will now offer the same personal support, information-sharing and education events to all PBC patients and their families in Alberta. She has our personal thanks for taking on this important and expanded role.


If you wish to contact her, she can still be reached at